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about sports camp
about ccrl sports camp

Pastor Fernando envisioned to offer a free sports camp for families that may not be able to afford to send their children to a summer camp. For over a decade, CCRL has been offering this event to the local community in Austin. We started back in 2008 with the theme "Breaking Free" and each year the number of campers has grown. We have had many themes over the years, each with the goal of teaching children that athletic disciplines can make a difference in their physical and spiritual lives.

Every year we hope to provide each child (ages 4-15 years old) with a free T-shirt, sports bottle, lunch, snacks, sports material and gifts. We have over 30 volunteers that help with coaching, skills training, music, lunch preparation, facility set up and transportation.


One of the main reasons we want to continue to provide this service to the children in our community is because of the learning experiences they take with them. We try to instill character traits like confidence, integrity and respect that the children can go on to use in sports, school, better relationships with their families and respect for their community.

Sports Camp 2019


"Watch, stand fast in the Faith, be brave, be strong."

This year's sports camp theme was FUNdamentals where we had  basketball, soccer, cheer, dance, and drama!

Check back soon for pictures of this year's camp!

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